Start A Movement Dance

Classes Offered

Hip Hop

A vibrant and colorful form of dance that incorporates a variety of freestyle movements to create cultural art. Our hip hop classes help to promote confidence not matter what level you are at. We use age appropriate music and movement while staying true to the genre of Hip Hop. 

Dress Code:

Comfortable clothes (no denim or dresses) and black, white or red sneakers that are only worn for dance


A wonderful class to take for anyone looking to build a stronger core and foundation for footwork. Students will learn precision, poise and grace in ballet class. The dress code is specifically designed so that the teacher can each students lines while training. Hair always needs to be pulled back and off the face. 

Dress Code:

leotard, ballet tights, ballet slippers


A wonderful class to take to de-stress and move freely. Offers the opportunity to be expressive and creative. Modern dance incorporates moves not typically associated with dance and really allows for imagination and endless possibilities of movement. Lots of free flow and breath work. 

Dress Code:

Bare feet and comfortable clothing 


This is a beautiful style that combines several genres such as modern, jazz, acro and ballet. Mind and body connect to form fluid and seamless movement. Highly expressive and stunning to watch. Ballet technique is extremely important for this style and strongly encouraged as an accompanying class. 

Dress Code:

Foot Undies and form fitted clothing in order to see lines of the body 


Characterized by using the sound of metal taps affixed to the heel and toe of shoes to make percussive and rhythmic sounds. Lots of fun to do and watch 

Dress Code:

Comfy clothes and tap shoes (no denim or dresses) 


This class will incorporate tricks, acrobatics and gymnastics. Students will be able to improve upon their flexibility and learn new skills that they carry with them into their other classes. Mats will be used in this class for safety. 

Dress Code:

Tight form fitted clothing such as leotards and bare feet (no baggy clothes)

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a jazz-based class filled with Broadway-style dancing and music. This form of dancing emphasizes learning performance skills and really focuses on how to connect with the audience through facial expressions. Ballet or jazz class is also highly recommended to complement this class.

Dress Code:

 Comfortable clothing and tan Jazz shoes

Baby's first Movement/
Tiny Dancers

These classes are designed to introduce your little ones to creative movement and dance. We use many props sensory tools in order to foster a love and appreciation of music and movement. Some skills we focus on are spacial and body awareness, balance and core muscle strength.  These are “Mommy and Me” classes meaning a parent/guardian would need to stay and activity participate in class with their student. The only exception would be if your child is potty trained and ready to participate by themselves. 

Baby’s First Movement – 8mo – 20mo

Tiny Dancers – 20 mo – 3 years

Dress Code:

Anything comfortable that your dancer can move in!

Bare feet