Start A Movement Dance

About Us

Start A Movement was founded to provide a safe and healthy learning environment to foster and grow a passion for dance where ALL are welcome to explore their own movement and creativity. 

Our story

Our belief is that each child is special and unique and possesses their own set of strengths. We want to uncover those strengths and help each individual meet their goals and reach that next level. 

Our goal is for each student to leave with a sense of confidence and worth whether they are beginner or advanced; recreational or competitive. 


Registration for
the Fall Info

$25 registration fee

For all classes, each 45min-1.5hrs session is $20 to register/hold your spot in addition to the registration fee (this will go towards future costume purchase).  Payment will be due on the first of every month and monthly pricing is dependent upon how many weeks each class is in session


Pricing varies per class depending on the number of weeks the class meets throughout the year. Classes can be anywhere from $82-$88 per month. 

1.5 hr classes are $10 more per class. 

For all Small Groups/Solos/Duets/Trios/Quads please see “Create A Class” pricing.

Payments are due before the 1st of each month

due to limited spacing there are no refunds once a payment is made

if classes are missed due to weather they will be made up at the end of the year

Payments received after the 5th of the month are subject to a late charge 

Students are expected to arrive in proper dance attire (PLEASE SEE DRESSCODE FOR EACH CLASS) 

Students are expected to be respectful of other students and teachers. 

Dancers are allowed to make up 3 missed classes during the year in any other open classes on our schedule.

Please communicate any and all issues directly with us by sending us an email so that we can work together to resolve the issue 

Downloadable Waivers

*All 3 waivers must be signed and returned before the session begins on September 8th.

Contact For Appointment